Tennessee takes a step forward toward marriage equality

USA, Tennessee: Gay Couple Applies for Marriage License
Written by scott on August 7th, 2013
Tennessee Couple – Marriage LicenseThe battle truly has moved into the red states. In Tennessee, a gay couple just applied for a marriage license. Out and About Nashville reports:     Tennessee Couple - Marriage License

After announcing that they would begin encouraging same-sex couples to apply for Tennessee state marriage licenses at their monthly community meeting last week, the Tennessee Equality Project (TEP) joined couples this morning seeking to not only apply for a marriage license but also clarify the standing of existing marriages. Davidson County couple Jeff Laudieri and Will Peyton have been together for nine years and this morning applied for a Tennessee state marriage license. It’s important that Tennessee get on board with the other 13 states that have done this … we are at a serious economic disadvantage and a civic disadvantage for not being able to marry,” Laudieri told reporters after he and Peyton were denied based on Tennessee law. “We just want the same piece of mind that every other married couple has always had and we want to do it in Tennessee where we live.”
I remember a few years back, it felt like we were being attacked on so many fronts in so many states that we didn’t knowhow or where to respond first. I imagine it feels like that to marriage equality opponents now.

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Sherri Gray says: August 7, 2013 at 9:56 am
Dear Jeff and Will…I live in Davidson County too, and am an advocate for Marriage Equality. If you have a ceremony i will sing my song, “What If We Are Just Like You” at your wedding…it’s now youtube viral. We need to get more people on board here in the Bible Belt’s belly button:)! here’s the URL:

and i hope that others who read this will listen to the song and share it. i have rec’d hundreds of positive comments from all over the world. We need to continue increasing our numbers.

thank you to Gay Marriage Watch for keeping us informed…i am loving being on this right side of history!

hugs, Sherri Gray